Hey! My name is Mary and this is my astrology website !


Astrology is man's oldest science and it was begun at a time when man would look to the stars and ponder his fate in a cold and lonely world. Ultimately, a correlation between man's behavior and the movement of the stars was observed, and those who pursued this study were called ASTROLOGERS! Astrology is the grandaddy of Astronomy - and the study of the movement in the skies has been of interest to man since time began.

Throughout history, we have known that, "As above, so below".
THE FIRST Astrologers were dedicated to ONE man, usually kings or kings' progeny, and they bespoke the future of kings and their sons; negative forecasts often resulted in beheading! As time went on, Astrology became more of a tool among the common man. Many references about Astrology were throughout the Bible, and in fact the "Three Wisemen" were Astrologers, who had plotted and predicted the holy birth.

THE TEACHINGS of Plato, Aristotle and Ptolemy championed Astrology, and it became aligned with science and medicine in universities through Thomas Aquinas, Albertus Magus, Bonaventure, and Roger Bacon. At one time doctors were REQUIRED to be schooled in Astrology in order to be admitted to the practice of medicine.

TODAY, ASTROLOGERS enjoy prominence in predicting the Stock Market, helping corporate America with business cycles, and in helping individuals understand themselves and those they live with. We know that understanding is the first step to tolerance and acceptance of our fellow man. IF THIS IS YOUR first step into Astrology, we bid you WELCOME! If you are an old hand, and have been helped along the way many times in your life by a professional astrologer, we bid you WELCOME BACK!

OUR WORLD is shaped by cycles. The Moon rises in a 24 hour rhythm, and then it pulls the tides in every 12 1/2 hours. Day follows night each 24 hours. Your heartbeat is a cycle, and its wave length varies with your emotional and physical state. All of these familiar rhythms are plain to see, but have you also noticed the cycles which make your moods rise and fall, or that help businesses to succeed or fail? Did you know that profits on Wall Street follow a cycle that can be charted?
A FISHERMAN knows when it's trout season each year, and a farmer knows when to plant his beans. In short, our very concept of time comes from the regular motions of the planets. Morning, day, night - all markers upon which we build our schedules.

THE GREAT CELESTIAL bodies exercise a variety of gravitational, electrical and magnetic effects on our lives. The influences of space penetrate everywhere - affecting ALL organisms. All of life on earth responds to the daily passage of the Sun, Moon, and other members of the ever-changing Cosmos.
ASTROLOGY is the study of the COSMIC CYCLES surrounding us!
MARY is a native Tennesseean, and has a Taurus Sun, Sagittarius Moon, and Aquarius Rising. She was educated at the University of Georgia, Mercer University and the University of Miami.

SHE HAS BEEN a full-time professional Astrologer at horoscope-2018.org for over fourteen years and has a thriving practice, teaches astrology, manages the ZODIAC GAZETTE Astrology Forum, builds Web Pages, and is a professional writer. She writes for Llewellyn Publishing and other publications, and is in the midst of completing two books.

SHE IS ACTIVE in NCGR, AFAN, ISAR, and Aquarius Workshops, all of which are national organizations for Astrologers, and she further subscribe to the Canons of Ethics of these organizations.
These ethics include a promise to protect and respect the confidences of clients and to produce an accurate birth chart based on the birth data provided.

A further covenant of the oath is that the astrologer will conduct themselves in the highest ethical and responsible manner in the professional practice of Astrology.