All Charts are personally delineated by me. I am a qualified and experienced Astrologer. These are not computer printouts, although I do have those available if you would like.

Phone appointments are also available by appointment. A tape is made of every session and sent to you after the session. If you would prefer, I can do just a tape and send that along, but most people prefer the interraction of the phone session.
I'm listing below a partial list of charts. Obviously, there are other charts and these are suggested to you when there is an appropriate need.

NATAL CHART:   Full Delineation of the Birth Chart. This is generally the first step into Astrology. This helps you to understand yourself. This is an overall Map of your Life.

FORECAST CHART:   Forecast chart using progressions, directions, transits, eclipses, heavy transits and "hit dates. This is my most popular chart. If you keep up with this one, you will be pretty much apprised of what's coming up. Forewarned Is Forearmed!
ASTRO TAROT READINGS:   Tarot reading using the zodiac as a basis. This is also a Forecasting tool along with a counseling tool. This one can be done almost immediately. Either email me or call me and we can set it up quickly.
KARMIC CHARTS:  All of us are here to address Karma from our previous lives. This will help you understand those previous lives and the patterns which have been weaved upon your dharma.

RELATIONSHIP CHART:  Detailed comparison of planets and points in your chart and another's, showing how well you relate. This is "synastry" and will let you know if you are attracted to Dr. Jekyl or Mr. Hyde! (And how well you'll get along, in either case!)
COMPOSITE CHART:   The chart of your relationship, which shows your compatibility and meaning of your relationship. This is a stand alone chart and it can be forecasted in the same manner as any other natal chart.
BUSINESS CHART:   Chart of your business or your job. The Chart is erected on the date and time that the business or job started, or if you have not yet begun, this chart can be "created" to be operative at a most advantageous time. (In other words, this can act as an Event Chart as well. See immediately below.)

EVENT CHART:   Finding the most propitious and fortunate time for your wedding, starting a business or other significant event and casting a chart for it. This enables you to make sure that whatever you are embarking on will be successful.
SOLAR RETURN:   Your Sun's potentials for the year. This is when your true birthday is - it is when the transiting sun conjoins your natal sun. This Chart lets you know the energy you will be encountering, and, consequently, the energy you will most likely be responding with.

MONTHLY FORECAST WITH DAILY TRANSITS:  Progressions, directions and Lunar Return for the month, plus daily transits for 30 days. This is exeptionally helpful for those who need to know good days and bad days to conduct business and who need detailed forecast information.

ESOTERIC CHARTS (CHIRON, HELIO, EC.):  Insight and growth shown through spiritual Astrology. These are excellent charts to help you get in touch with your inner spiritual self.
HORARY CHARTS:   The Universe says "all things shall be known in their time of fruition". And so, you pose the question and the answer shall be revealed! This is an Ancient Art in Astrology, and can help you find answers you have looked for.
PSYCHIC READING:   The Universe speaks to us in many ways. Psychic communication and impressions is one of the strongest and most emphatic ways to receive important information.
NUMEROLOGY REPORTS:   Extensive Computer Report using Numerology and giving you a personality deliniation, LIfe Path Information and forecast.

BIO-RHYTHM REPORT:   The date and time you were born carries certain vibrations. This Computer Report will give you information on the upcoming cycles of your life for the intellectual, the emotional and the physical.
TAROT REPORT:   Electronic Answers to A Question From you - or a general reading from a spread. Multi-page report.
I-CHING REPORT:   Wisdom from the far East. I-CHING is the oldest divination tool around. Multi-page report.